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Josiah Brown

Episode 49: Winning More First Time Visitors, with Josiah Brown

In this episode, you will learn how regions don't influence a travelers decision on where to go, and how to get them to come to your destination from Josiah Brown.

Josiah Brown is best known the New York Sherpa and has logged over 600,000 miles throughout New York State over the last 13 years. He is the brain and the passion behind New York's Best Experiences. The Sherpa lives for recommending the best kept secrets New York has to offer. He coined the tagline “because we've been there,” well, because he has. Josiah is President and CEO of New York Welcome's You. He is a public speaker and trainer offering workshops to the tourism industry on topics including: winning first-time visitors to a destination, branding first, and the future of the group travel market.

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Tom Mulliez

Episode 48: Give Your Customers a Great Experience, with Tom Mulliez

In this episode, you will learn about providing a great customer experience and building partnerships that help you do that from Tom Mulliez.

Tom is a father, husband, entrepreneur, and the visionary behind iTREKKERS. Tom founded the company in 2014 after realizing that bringing together vetted professional captains and guides on one platform would help guarantee everyone a better experience in the outdoors. iTREKKERS is a combination of Tom’s desires to share his love of nature and to simplify the process of booking guided outdoor activities. His mission is threefold: to get people to experience the outdoors through iTREKKERS; to help people get outdoors, period, by providing useful tips and referrals; and to educate people about the outdoors and ways to be mindful.

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Michael Warren Thomas

Episode 47: Why Restaurants Must Feature Local Wines, with Michael Warren Thomas

In this episode, you will learn about how restaurants featuring local wine makes such a huge impact from Michael Warren Thomas.

Michael Warren Thomas owns Savor Life and products and hosts four radio shows focusing on gardening, wine, food, and travel. He started his first show, Naturally Green, in April 1994. He's added several shows since then including For the Love of Food, a show all about food, wine, and restaurants; The Grapevine, a fine wine show; and Discover the Finger Lakes, about Finger Lakes destinations, events, and regional treasures. Michael oversees all aspects of the shows from production to advertising sales and promotion. The shows air on Saturday and Sunday mornings on WYSL1040 AM and 92.1 FM in Rochester, New York.

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Becky Wehle & Sara Picini

Episode 46: Join Tourism Organizations to Help Promote Your Destination, with Becky Wehle & Sara Piccini

In this episode, you will learn about why you will be able to better promote your destination when you join organizations that can help you out from Becky Wehle & Sara Piccini.

Becky Wehle is President & CEO of Genesee Country Village & Museum, the largest living history museum in New York State, located 25 miles southwest of Rochester. The Museum features 68 historic structures from the 19th century, moved from locations throughout Western New York, a gallery of sporting art, and a nature center and attracts more than 90,000 visitors each year.

Sara Piccini spent about 4 years working with Genesee Country Village & Museum prior to her current role, recently returning this past January as Tourism Sales Manager and Volunteer Coordinator. Since coming back onboard, Sara has driven numerous tourism initiatives for the museum.

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Greg Evans

Episode 45: Helping DMOs Deliver the Right Message at the Right Time, with Greg Evans

In this episode, you will learn about how DMOs can band together to come up with great ideas to serve their partners from Greg Evans.

Greg Evans has been with Simpleview since 2008 and currently serves as their Vice President of Sales & Account Services. In his role, he provides strategic insight and recommendations for his teams when providing knowledge and best practices to current and prospective clients. He has nearly twenty years of corporate sales and account management experience, having worked for technology-forward corporations such as MCI Worldcom and Iron Mountain.

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Rick Antonson

Episode 44: Use Cathedral Thinking to Create a Brighter Future, with Rick Antonson

In this episode, you will learn about the important idea of Cathedral Thinking from Rick Antonson.

Rick Antonson is the former president & CEO of the international award-winning destination marketing organization, Tourism Vancouver. Among his volunteer leadership roles, Rick was president of Pacific Coast Public Television, chair of Destination Marketing Association International (based in Washington, DC), and deputy chair of the Pacific Asia Travel Association (based in Bangkok, Thailand).

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Joe Baur

Episode 43: Have a Real, Authentic Experience, with Joe Baur

In this episode, you will learn about having that real, authentic experience when you travel from Joe Baur.

Joe Baur is an American travel author, writer, filmmaker and podcaster whose work has appeared in a variety of domestic and international outlets, including Matador Network, BBC Travel, Viator, and CraftBeer.com to name a few. He’s also the author of various Falcon Guides titles and 2016’s Talking Tico: (Mis)adventures of a Gringo in and Around Costa Rica.

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Lisa Burns

Episode 42: Be Willing to Listen to New Ideas, with Lisa Burns

In this episode, you will learn about using creativity to solve difficult challenges from Lisa Burns.

Lisa Burns has been in the travel industry for over 35 years with a wide range of experience including group tour planning and product development, event and meeting planning, marketing and public relations, and both a domestic and international tour director. With a proven track record of diligence and reliability, Lisa is goal-oriented, a natural and articulate communicator focused on the nuance and value of detail management and always a willing, eager and motivated champion of the task of the moment. She is able to juggle multiple projects and thrives in a fast-paced environment. With a passion for the tourism industry, destination marketing and being the consummate hostess, Lisa is a passionate advocate for the product she represents and is always willing to put in the time and energy needed to reach a goal.

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Drew Alberti

Episode 41: Prepare for the Future by Building Lasting Partnerships, with Drew Alberti

In this episode, you will learn about making sure your destination has a successful tomorrow by building lasting partnerships today from Drew Alberti.

Drew Alberti has been the Program Manager for Lakes to Locks Passage since 2008. He is responsible for community outreach, product development, and brand awareness. Some of his accomplishments include authoring From Forest to Fields: A History of Agriculture in Champlain Valley, producing the Waterways of War guidebook series, and serving as editor for the Lakes to Locks Passage and National Geographic co-branded geotourism website. Previous work experience includes Collections Manager at the New York State Museum in Albany and Park Ranger at the Martin Van Buren National Historic Site in Kinderhook. He holds a MA in Public History from the University at Albany.

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Jean Mackay

Photo by Cindy Hutcheson.

Episode 40: How to Collaborate with a Large Region, with Jean Mackay

In this episode, you will learn strategies for collaborating with a large region like the Erie Canalway National Heritage Corridor from Jean Mackay.

Jean Mackay has served as a director of communications and outreach for the Erie Canalway National Heritage Corridor since 2007. She manages all aspects of web based and print media and works collaboratively with organizations throughout the 500-mile long National Heritage Corridor to preserve Canal Heritage, promote tourism and foster vibrant communities along the waterway. Jean formerly worked as director of education for Autobahn International. She holds an MS in environmental education from Lesley University.

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