Devon Perry

Episode 58: Attracting Nearby Travelers to Your Destination, with Devon Perry

In this episode, you’ll learn about focusing your limited marketing dollars on the visitors who are closest to your destination from Devon Perry.

Devon Perry joined Visit South Jersey as marketing director in 2015. In this role, she closely shadowed the executive director, and when the opportunity presented itself, she was well acquainted with the position and truly the best choice to lead Visit South Jersey into the future.

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Mike Rea

Episode 56: How Social Enterprises Drive Change in Communities, with Mike Rea

In this episode, you will learn about social enterprises in the travel and tourism industry and how they can really drive social change and positively benefit communities from Mike Rea.

Mike Rea is a social entrepreneur who has been committed to creating philanthropic value and impact for more than 15 years. Mike has been President & CEO of Tourism Cares since July 2013, building on its momentum to unite the industry around critical philanthropic needs and opportunities that are best tackled together. Tourism Cares leverages charitable investments and expertise to build sustainable travel destinations for future travelers, the tourism industry, and local communities.

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Morgan Painvin

Episode 54: Be Strategic and Execute, with Morgan Painvin

In this episode, you will learn about the importance of having a strategy for everything you do and not just trying whatever you think of to see what sticks.

For Morgan Painvin, it’s all about hitting the bullseye of results. Her quiver of arrows is vast and varied from strategic partnerships and micro-niche placements to national features and creative ideas. The award-winning campaigns that define her career speak directly to her clients brand and goals. While a big hit is thrilling, says Morgan, she’s more passionate about spiking traffic to the client's website that drives revenue. This is why Morgan has revamped the firm's measurements and reporting system.

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Nicole Mahoney Solocast Episode #4

Episode 53: Five Major Trends for the Travel and Tourism Industry in 2018, with Nicole Mahoney

In this episode, you will learn about five of the biggest travel trends to pay attention to in 2018.

Nicole Mahoney started Break The Ice Media in 2009 in response to the evolving needs of small to medium-sized businesses, in particular, the rise of social media. Break The Ice Media is a boutique marketing and communications firm with a focus on travel, tourism, food, wine, and hospitality. As CEO, Nicole is responsible for working with clients to understand their marketing needs, develop strategic marketing plans and execute those plans. She is also responsible for building a team that can deliver.

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Hillarie Logan-Dechene

Episode 52: How Attractions Can Shape A Destination, with Hillarie Logan-Dechene

In this episode, you will learn about making the most of your resources and entering into collaborations to create a lasting impression on visitors from Hillarie Logan-Dechene.

Hillarie Logan-Dechene's career has been about building the capacity of not-for-profit organizations. As the Wild Center's Director of Philanthropy, she is responsible for all membership and development activities and works closely with leadership on strategy, governance, and external affairs. She recently led the center through a successful 23 million dollar fundraising campaign.

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Louise Cottrell

Episode 51: Using Pinterest to Drive Traffic to Your Content, with Louise Cottrell

In this episode, you will learn about how to use Pinterest to drive visitors to your content from Louise Cottrell.

Originally from the Bay Area, Louise Cottrell is a Pinterest marketing strategist working with travel content creators and business owners to generate traffic, grow their audience and increase sales. She does Pinterest account management as well as consulting and training for bloggers and social media teams through her Pinterest Marketing Mastery Program. Shes also a world traveler and dog enthusiast.

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Ed Healy

Episode 50: Showcase Your Unique Assets, with Ed Healy

In this episode, you will learn about why differentiation is the name of the game and why you need to provide unique, niched experiences to attract visitors to your destination from Ed Healy.

Ed Healy is Vice President of Marketing for Visit Buffalo Niagara where he is responsible for VBN’s destination marketing strategy. His responsibilities include overseeing all sales and marketing communications, including the production of an annual visitors guide, websites, e-newsletters, social media, videos, podcasts and consumer advertising, as well as media and public relations.

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Josiah Brown

Episode 49: Winning More First Time Visitors, with Josiah Brown

In this episode, you will learn how regions don't influence a travelers decision on where to go, and how to get them to come to your destination from Josiah Brown.

Josiah Brown is best known the New York Sherpa and has logged over 600,000 miles throughout New York State over the last 13 years. He is the brain and the passion behind New York's Best Experiences. The Sherpa lives for recommending the best kept secrets New York has to offer. He coined the tagline “because we've been there,” well, because he has. Josiah is President and CEO of New York Welcome's You. He is a public speaker and trainer offering workshops to the tourism industry on topics including: winning first-time visitors to a destination, branding first, and the future of the group travel market.

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